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Cover: Caribou landing on Kaidou's island? Hell-the-fuck-yeah, maybe that moron is good for something after all.

Browny gets shot by the people he tried to save and Caesar makes a Scar impression (still waiting for him to sing "Be Prepared"). However, before he can finish Brownbeard off, Luffy pops up and ruins the party.

It would seem that we near the end of the act, since Caesar does the obligatory villainous brag about his fortunate situation and how Luffy will get into trouble with the entire New (Under-)World if he defies him, just like any other villain who was about to get his ass handed to him.

And of course our hero didn't take crap from Spandam two years ago and he won't start taking crap from Caesar now. So he falcon punches him in the face! Also a classic.

So... yeah, with that he pretty much told everyone who matters (the WG, the World Nobles, a Yonko and probably the most powerful Shichibuckai) to go fuck themselves. Uhhhh~...!

All in all, nothing new really, except for the artificial Devil Fruits, Smile. I wonder which one of the Emperors bought them. Could be any, except Shanks. What's more important, we now know that SAD is used to make artificial DFs. What the hell does Law want with it?

I apologize for the utter lack of fucks given in writing this review but I'm kinda busy. Cya!