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Cover: Oh, the poetic justice...


No, Zoro, you are NOT Lone Vengeance! (This file no longer exists: File:DaiShinKan.png)

So, last week Zoro and Tashigi had a pretty harsh fight against Monet, which ultimately resulted in Zoro turning Monet into chicken giblets. And quite frankly, I found that pretty brutal. I mean, sure, it didn't kill her, but to watch Zoro cut a woman in half was a little extreme.

This week's chapter starts with Zoro carrying his wife Smoker's sandwich bitch Tashigi to safety because apparently a wounded shoulder deprives you of the ability to walk... Naturally, our proud Captain-chan protests heavily and- oh~, rare sword! *shiny eyes* (Dammit, Nerdshigi!)

Further, we are reminded that there are only 10 minutes left until the gas fills this part of the building.

Waaait... are you telling me they let Monet live just to leave her injured and traumatized for Shi No Kuni to kill her in the same agonizing way it killed the random extras in the previous chapters? WHAT WAS THE POINT IN SPARING HER?!

Back to the zombie kids subplot: Mocha is still running away with the needlessly double-wrapped candies while Chopper, Robin and shitty Nami are holding off the children.

Why it was necessary to leave this kind of responsibility to a little girl, instead of say, leaving it to Robin who could have used her DF powers to pin the candy to the ceiling where none of the children would have been able reach it, is beyond me.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Mocha gets caught eventually and, being desperate, she swallows all the candy. Along with the wrapping (of the individual candies that were inside the big candy). ... ... ...... Does anybody else find it strange how fast her stomach apparently digested that candy paper for her to cough blood just moments after she ate the candy? Not even pigeons digest that fast! (My guess is, that it's not the drug effect but the wrapping is actually plastic and it's cutting through her esophagus. >___>)

Anyway, Mocha gets her obligatory heroic-sacrifice-explanation flashback and suddenly all other kids are shocked that she fell over even though they tried to beat her to death over candy just seconds ago. FRIENDSHIIIIIIIIIP! *rainbows and unicorns*

To make the scene more awkward, Sanji and the Marines pop up. Wait, those guys had a medical squad all along? What the hell? This is one of the most ridiculous examples for plot convenience I've ever seen.

At another random location, Luffy finally found his way out of the trash bin and he found himself a fashionable new scarf! And he's out to punish Caesar for his fashion crimes! Or something like that...

So, yeah, no OP next week. See you the week after!