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Cover: Oh, Halloween special. Nice!

Crap review for crap chapter.

I don't have all that much to say about this chapter except for: There was way too much talking! Now, I don't have anything against a lot of explanation. Exposition is far more interesting to review than constant fighting. And there were chapters with even more exposition in the past. However, I deem the content of what was said to be not important enough to be told over 7 freaking pages!

Why the hell did Oda need 7 pages to tell us that Kinemon's son was a little bitch? Even more points off because it came from Momonosuke, who's samurai-wannabe lingo is really tiring to read.

(On a side note: Caesar's troll face when he said the kid only have 5 years to live freaks me out!)

Three points of interest:

  • Shenlong Momonosuke ate a DF (<Ha! And MDM wouldn't believe me!) artificially made by Vegapunk. The question arises whether this is the first and only one? Did Vegapunk eventually succeed? If he did and this isn't the only one how many DFs are actually artificial ones?
  • The hallucination Momonosuke had was quite obviously Doflamingo. When the hell did he meet that guy?
  • And Snow Logia for Monet. ... LAME! It would have been cool (no pun intended) if it wasn't a total ripoff of Kuzan's DF.

Other than that we are pretty much where we were last week - which sucks balls and disappoints me quite a little. >_> (Heck, even Naruto was better this week and I absolutely hate the current story development. A love drama! I have no words for the utter cheesy-ness.)