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Cover: Don't we all love a good fight between total losers?

Picking up where we left last week, Law's double-bitch, Smoker, stepped into the scene right before Vergo could finish Law off. (Unfortunately, he could not save all the fangirls who died by nosebleeding when they saw Law's moe post-orgasm face. Guess it's better that way...)

Aside from Smoker's OOC-ness regarding his men - since I was always under the impression that he doesn't give a shit about them, let alone their feelings - I found this fight pretty nifty. Vergo's bamboo stick of doom is kinda awesome.

On the Marines' side, Sanji teamed up with the G5 guys to hit on Tashigi. Wow... That must be one of the most awkward reasons to bury the hatchet EVER. What's even sadder is Sanji's response to Tashigi refusing his help because he's a pirate: "That's just something society decided on. Pirates are free to do what they want." With a serious face on a big panel that one would have had the potential of being one of the most epic lines in OP. But like this...

Good thing shit decided to get real in order to get some seriousness back into the action. And Sanji proves that he's not just trying to impress Tashigi-chan but also help the Marines. Man, what a swell guy...

Deeper inside the facility Caesar is doing an incredibly bad goodie-goodie ham act in front of his guinea pigs aka subordinates. (Cookies to you if you found Pandaman right away.) And we get an obligatory "He's lying" kind of flashback. Thank you, Captain Oda-bvious. We had no idea.

At least the explosion was really cool. Ah, it warms my heart to see shit getting blown up...

And last but not least Luffy finds Shenlong and it's a good thing Brook isn't there or he would have wished for Nami's panties and they would have had to search for the dragon balls all over again. No wait... wrong manga!

So Shenlong is Momonosuke. Next thing Luffy will ride Smoker and wield Nami's climatact. Man, the ingenuous ridiculousness of this setup is OVER 9000! Dammit, I said that's the wrong manga!

Anyway, see ya!