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Did they change the release day? Will the new chapters always be out on Tuesday from now on? What the fudge?


Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Dear Oda, instead of making a cover series about Caribou's fate, you could have summed it up in just three words: Nobody fucking CARES! Seriously! Hell, even Gedatsu's cover story made more sense since he had an actual fight during his brief appearance. But Caribou! I don't understand why this guy even exists. I just don't.

Where the fuck is this leading anyway? Caribou kissing up to Douchfagmingo? God, no! Please, spare me that awkward pathetic-ness.


Am I the only one who thinks that while this chapter had a lot of fighting it was pretty lame?

Random extra exposition scene... Yeah, that boy turned into a dragon. We got it, we still remember! Why do you waste a whole page on this? Jeez!

So here comes the more interesting part: Luffy VS Monet.

Judged by the way Monet says she cannot defeat Luffy in a fight I get the hunch that she is a Snow-Paramecia rather than a Logia type. Maybe that's just because I like to think of her as something similar to San-chan, just less wimpy and hot- I mean cooler. (Is it wrong that I want to hear Monet saying "my cold body" in a seductive tone?)

Hug Attack! (Man, that sounds so cute.) Monet drains Luffy's strength by hugging him but apparently Luffy isn't into cold chicken wings and he escapes by making a hole in the floor - which happens to be a dead end with no escape.

Lesson learned: Never deny a girl her cuddles!

Shortly after, Chopper is seen trying to hold off the giant brats but he fails due to his moral restrains. Bother! He is picked up by Team Shitty Nami and after a failed attempt by Robin to stop those crazy brats they encounter Monet. That girl sure is busy...

Now, I know certain people *coughmdmcough* are eager to see Monet VS Robin and probably wouldn't turn down Monet VS Nami either but personally I'd like to see Snow VS Ice, i.e. Monet VS Brook, that wouldn't be just cool, it'd be shockfrosting! If only for the puns...

Meanwhile, Law has a heart-wrenching battle against Vergo. And somehow... it's totally unepic. And worst of all Smoker steps in. Smoker who lost against Law earlier wants to take on Vergo who pwned Law just a second ago... I really don't get this part but okay.

Urgh, you can totally tell I was not quite enjoying this review because there wasn't all that much to this chapter. Ah, whatever.

Neo out!