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Come OOOON, Baby-san-tachi-whatever!

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There was cake but I didn't leave you any. <3

First of all I'd like to thank all of the sexy people and Hungry who congratulated me to getting one year closer to death. I love you, too! (except Hungry, he can burn in hell! ^o^ jk(?))

Second, I wasn't online for 5 days so my review is a little late but since I just can't leave this to MDM, here I go anyway (WARNING, this review contains mildly bad language):

Cover: Wow... lame, obviously evil character B threatens to torture uber-lame poor-excuse-for-a-villain A. What a front page story...

Law finally found the reason why he had been kissing the WG's asses. Oh, just look at this diabolically evil grin. He's adorable!

By the looks of it, that SAD must be either gas or liquid - considering Caesar's ability I favor the former - that is a sort of poison or drug with some crazy-shit-dangerous effect.

In that case, I'm curious what Law plans to do with it and why it was worth literally selling his heart for.

Meanwhile, Sanji is being made the G5 guys' new best buddy. Group huuu~g! But alas he's only there for pussy... Apparently, Vergo damaged his leg pretty bad and torpedo-ed away make a call. Turns out he has a sex line on speed dial. Oh, wait, it's just the pimp himself, Douchfagmingo!

Baby 5 Manga Infobox

Admit it: you did not look at the gun first...

Pool bitches, pool bitches EVERYWHERE! Dressrosa seems to be a nice place to make a trip to. Looks like Flamingo has one for every taste. (Dibs on the loli one!) And you just know you are Chuck Badass-Fucking Norris if you can make a phone call while a crying, smoking, ax-crazy maid is trying to blow your head off.

The only thing I have an issue with is his Godfather talk...

Back on PH, the Straw Hat crew is still enjoying their guide tour. Kinemon makes his Ryuma-Dragon-Slayer impression, Brook is having a Strong World moment and considers it rude that once again something is NOT trying to eat him and Nami is a kunoichi-wannabe. Seems like a normal day in the life of our heroes to me.

Kinemon's names for everyone are priceless but Robin should have Grab-ed him for calling her a courtesan. (<going with that translation because it's more hilarious.)

Epic double attack was epic.

And we end this weeks chapter with a racoon turning into a monster (kidnapping children - you're doing it wrong!) and a boy into a dragon (lamest cliffhanger of this arc imo).