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Last week we left off when Luffy EXPLODED CAESAR'S BALLS punched Caesar in the guts and as common in OP and shonen manga in general he punched him right into this week.

Monet and Smoker are not impressed by this, though, since the former miraculously disappears for a few pages and the latter - after having a flashback about Law making him his bitch (again) - is like "Fuck this! Imma off to kick some ass, too!"

So, here it goes, Luffy VS Caesar Round 2. And while this can be considered another boss fight in the New World, like with the previous match against CC, the utter lack of psychological pressure on our protagonist makes it seem somewhat less difficult than most of the boss fights in the past - say, against Crocodile or even Hody.

Caesar being a total dork might also be a reason for this. But at least it's entertaining that way. His face faults are priceless. And I find it nice to have a boss who actually looks like he's having difficulties himself, for a change.

Upon being questioned by Caesar about why the heck he's even fighting him, Luffy responds that he has no fucking clue but Law promised him cake. ...right.

After getting his face punched off (which I thought was totally awesome!) Caesar decides to go Jedi and show off his light saber. ... ... Nerd Wars Episode 2? Dude, seriously! WTF?

Finally, Luffy tries to hit him with Jet Gatling (Woohoo!) but Monet steps in just in time to save Caesar's sorry ass.

And what do we learn? Behind every successful man stands a smart woman; behind every successful woman stands a guy who would have had his ass handed to him if it wasn't for her. Go team!

Thus, Caesar leaves the fighting to his hot secretary and runs off. Wow, that was anticlimactic. And while I expected for Monet to interfere with the fight at some point, I didn't think there would be a Luffy VS Monet match up.

Meanwhile, the front part of the building is flooded by Shinokuni while Sanji has an epic fight with Vergo. And even though the fighting is pretty awesome, there is not quite as much to say about it as about Luffy VS Caesar. Apart from Vergo breaking Sanji's fucking leg! His LEG! S-A-N-J-I's leg!!!

Aaand we interrupt this fight for an urgent announcement: Law is being badass again. I repeat: Law is being badass again.

Every time Law smiles, a puppy dies and you just KNOW shit is about to go down. I hope that we will finally learn what the fuck is going on next week.

See ya!