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Cover: Geez, at this rate this cover story will go on forever. Anyway, go Jinbe!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to our trip through the research facility of Punk Hazard. Please keep your back-rest in a vertical position and refrain from talking to our driver - who also happens to be the ride. Enjoy your tour and thank you for traveling with Brownbeard Travels!

Seriously, though, shit is about to go down and our heroes can't be bothered. Let Brownbeard do the running! It's not like the poor sap almost got killed several times during this arc... Though, you really gotta love the way Brook swings his legs back and forth like he's on a road trip.

And while the Straw Hats do some sight seeing, Weakshigi is still mourning her lost comrades. Awww! But suddenly she and the G5 are attacked by the silly looking dragon shitty Nami wanted to adopt just one chapter earlier. Oh, yeah, what a precious little thing! And all it needs is a diet of steel and human flesh...

Okay, to be fair, compared to what comes next this thing is really harmless. Du-du-DON! Here comes Vergo! A guy so badass, you will die if he flips you off (I'm not even kidding, he used his middle finger to finish those guys off.)

So, Tashigi faces a man who can kill several of the most ruthless Marines there are singleha- pardon, singlefingeredly. She knows this guy is out of her league, she is emotionally unstable. What does a smart woman do in this kind of situation? ATTACK THE GUY HEAD ON! Cheesus D. Christ, someone get Laws ass over here so he can put Smoker back into that body. I cannot bear that much stupidity from a fellow glasses wearing woman! And it was hotter anyway...

Sanji Kicks Vergo


Vergo beats the shit out of Tashigi and the G5 guys who try to protect her. Wait... A man mistreating a woman? Where is Sanji when you need- nevermind, there he comes! And holy crap, YES! So. Much. Fucking. WIN! He kicks the spoon right off Vergo's face! Wohoo! I really love this. Gentleman Haki ftw!

Meanwhile, our heroes are attacked by the cow dragon (boooring!) and Caesar decided to flood yet another part of the facility with Shinokuni just because. Who cares about Vergo? Oh, I like this guy...

Pizza service! The "conversation" between Luffy and Smoker is pretty awkward and when topic came to Vergo I couldn't help thinking "Well, Smokey, maybe you should have stayed behind and tend to your girlfriend."

Aaand we finish this chapter with a nice big shot of EXPLODING BALLS!!! CC getting a Gear to the guts. Man, that was awesome...