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Cover: Tuna Smash! Ah, that was satisfying...

Okay, this chapter was awesome. Just for the first part it was totally worth waiting.

So, Kid, Apoo and Hawkins got together to form an alliance and kick some ass. And they are all out of alliance. Seriously, Kid and Apoo would rather kick each other's ass and Hawkins is all "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here!".

I laughed so hard about Killer. You really gotta feel sorry for him, trying to organize an alliance and babysitting Kid (pun intended!) and Apoo. Yeah, I think just for being the most civil and least selfish one of the lot, Killer gets a spot in my favorite characters list.

As for the alliance thing:

  1. Kid AND Apoo? Really, Killer? You really think this is going to work? You really, honestly think you can make them work together? Oh, that optimism is truly refreshing...
  2. I can totally smell the Third Crew in the Straw-Heart Alliance Theories coming. God! No, just NO. I don't WANT them to team up with Bonney or Drake (<which most people will say they want to happen) And I don't want to hear anything about the remaining three crews teaming up either!

Aham, anyways, back to the plot:

Back on Punk Hazard, Law proves that he's crazily prepared for every situation. Aww, come on! Can't we go back to the time when he was panicking because he didn't calculate for something (i.e. Vergo). That was much more fun. As much as I like the guy I do not approve of this Sue-ness. (I do believe it was him who threw that paper at Chopper the other chapter, btw.)

On a side note: Franky called Law "niichan". Why do I have this image of genderbendered loli-Franky and Law in a school uniform stuck in my head? WHY?

So, deciding that he has use for them Law switches Smo-bro and Tashigi-chan back and after several chapters Smoker is finally out of Tashigi's body (perverted undertone fully intended!). Too bad. I thought Smoker as Tashigi looked really badass. On the other hand: Isn't her pouty face hilariously cute? She never approved of Smoker showing her boobs around and Smoker just doesn't get it. xD

Meanwhile, Law discovers that he spent too much time trying to intimidate Smoker and Weakshigi and Luffy and Robin already made it out of the cage. He must feel like a babysitter by now. (I can totally see him and Killer sipping tea together or something like that.)

Punk Hazard Counter Attack Begins

Just look at Luffy's face! :3

A little off the facility Team Zoro and Team Shitty Nami are still running from the ash cloud. Sanji activates Ero Power and catches the little Dragon, while Nami and Usopp let a surprisingly-alive Brownbeard (duh!) carry them. Together they make it back to the facility where some good old ass kicking is going on.

So now our teams have finally united and I do hope for some serious fighting next week.