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Color Spread: Hoo, nice! This is one sexy color spread. I like the theme of it a lot.

When I read the spoilers earlier today I thought this would be a lame chapter but after reading it I actually liked it. For up until now the arc felt like a really weird mix of Alabasta, Drum and Thriller Bark to me. But now it FINALLY gets a feeling of originality, an own mood that is not like any arc we read before. At least that is my impression.

Review... sort of

First of all... oh gosh, Velgo has a spoon sticking to his face, I'm gonna die, this is hilarious... wait, no, that's not what I wanted to say! Smiley ate the giant candy and gains the ability to turn apples into devil fruits, and also people into really, REALLY disturbing looking stone/sand figures but who cares! FUCKING DEVIL FRUITS MAN! Aham...

Anyway, people around the world and one guy who looks suspiciously like Rob Lucci, are watching as CC gets his own subordinates killed. Meanwhile, Brook taught his fellow crew mates and the samurai how to run like real nerds. Seriously, check this out. It's hysterical.

Luffy doesn't agree with me though and since he's so noisy - and to prove that he's a real dick - CC throws him and the rest out. Which only seems to bother Tashigi. Women, am I right? No wait...

And pretty much that concludes this chapter, which felt way too short. It was way more interesting than I would have expected.

So the 3 things I want to know now is:

  1. What is Law's Luffy-proved plan to escape?
  2. Was that guy we saw really Rob Lucci?
  3. And what's with this paper Chopper got thrown against his head?

Speculation Time

I'd like to share my own thoughts concerning the apple turning into an DF. Notice how it is 1 of 3 apples turning into a DF. If it was the gas that turned it into a DF all 3 would have been altered. (Why did they have apples with them anyway?)

If you have paid close attention you could see that all DFs we saw so far were shaped like ordinary fruits (a melon, a pineapple, bananas, etc...) So it is natural to assume from this incident that DFs don't grow but are merely altered fruits.

The question is what kind of DF the apple became. The axolotl fruit? If that was the case then we would have to assume that Smiley just died. Or maybe a fruit related to the Shinokuni effect?

Another question is: Will this DF become plot relevant? Who will eat it?