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O... kay. Another plot-dragging chapter. Boooring!

Pedo Clown collects his little sweethearts, one of them snaps out of it and cries out for Nami and Usopp, who wake up at the other side of the island. Man, that's so cliche... Usopp's reaction to Nami was kinda funny, though.

Meanwhile, Caesar and Vergo are having a little tea party. What? No cookies? Blasphemy!

Anyway, back to the really important stuff: Law gave CC his heart and got Monet's instead. (and the fangirls ran wild) Not only is that super unromantic it's also the most stupid deal I ever heard of. I really hope whatever Law came for in the first place was worth it.

Either way, at least it solves a few mysteries, e.g. why Law wasn't able to act freely and how Vergo could take him out so easily. And I like how Law is back to his cocky self.

And now to... more candy? I swear, CC has a boner for these. (Makes you wonder why Big Mom hasn't arrived yet. Maybe that is why we saw her subordinates earlier and not her. <jk)

So... at the end CC proves that he is not only a bad dad but also unable to train pets. I can see where this is going... *facepalm* I have a BAD feeling about it.