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Cheeze... I didn't even know there would be a chapter out today. But I'd rather have the chapter tomorrow and have one next week. That's right, folks, no OP next week. Curses!

Cover: dafuq? Caribou is STILL raping mermaids? One would think he got tired of having fish all the time... Anyway, this can't be good.

So apart from CC fighting some minor main cast characters nobody cares about and Brownbeard, who SERIOUSLY no one cares about, there wasn't much going on in this chapter. Though, CC's "Say what?" face on page 13 was pretty amusing.

What I find interesting is his ability to manipulate air, which is extremely overpowered if you think about it. (I'm getting a Crocodile vibe here.)

Didn't know Kid and the BM pirates watch the Villain Shopping Channel. And is that other guy Hawkins or some girl?

So it would seem that CC isn't doing his little research for himself but actually to sell it. Now that's an opportunist!

Urgh, not much to say really. Neo out!


Do you think the shadowy figure is Hawkins or not?

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