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Cover: Shirtless Brook!!! xD Why do I find this so offensive?

Apart from all the "revelations" at the end this must have been one of the lamest chapters I read in a while. But let's review this shit anyway...

We finally see some of the kids' parents and, Cheezus!, that giant boy sure did take after his dad! Apparently, they have tried to convince the Marines for some 100 times to search for their children but once again, the Marines prove to be giant dicks. And it doesn't help that this Yarisugi fellow (who looks like lovechild of Clover and Shiliew) reminds me of that rat guy from Arlong arc. You can so tell he's one of the bad guys...

Giant Zombie Children! Seriously, those things start to creep me out AND annoy me! Though not as much as Pedo Clown.

On the other side of the island Team Zoro is still running from the Slime. Just as I thought, Kinemon's attack couldn't have been that overpowered... >_>

Btw: I FUCKING TOLD YOU IT'S AN AXOLOTL!!! But no one listens to Neo, nooooooo! The shape was waaaaaay to vague to be distinguished as an axolotl at first glance. MY ASS! Do you biology homework before you question me, mortals! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! *aham*

Back at the facility the G-5 Marines try to break in and get back their boss and his sandwich bitch. Isn't that most adorable? Meanwhile, Luffy and Robin are being nostalgic: "Hey, remember the time we were mortal enemies?" "Hell, yeah! Good times..."

Okay, finally, we get to the interesting part of the chapter!

Fucking Vice Admiral, bitches! I knew Vergo works for the WG but I din't expect him to be a Marine, let alone the boss of the G-5 base. Yet, he seems to be just the kind of guy for being a Vice Admiral. And he likes Hamburgers! (Judged by the flashback picture of him we saw earlier in the chapter he has a habit of eating in a way that leaves food sticking to his face. I find that kinda hilarious and I'm pretty certain someone predicted it last week. Nice job!)

Now, as boss as he is, Vergo is also a giant prick working for Joker, more commonly known as... wait for it... DOFAGMINGO! Yeah, I think some people he creamed their pants out of joy when reading this. It was kinda predictable, though.

So... Law used to be a subordinate of Doucheflamingo. I wonder why he isn't anymore. Perhaps he got scared after seeing his boss' rapist face in real life...

The one thing I noticed is that both crews who are known to have worked under Dofapmingo have a smiling jolly roger. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Well, that concludes this weeks chapter. Hoping for some fighting for the next.

Neo out!