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Hurray! New chapter and... we know about as much as we did two weeks ago. Godfuckingdammit, Oda!

First things first: Meet Peeply Lulu's and Strawberry's lovechild! I'm not entirely sure whether it's a steak or a waffle sticking on Welgo's face but for those sideburns alone he should be arrested. He also beat Law unconscious with a bamboo stick. One does not simply beat Law unconscious with a bamboo stick!

Oh, and apparently the chicken is a mole. (Wordplay!) Looks like Law doesn't get to play doctor after all... d'oh!

Seriously though, the conversation between Law and Welgo is a whole new level of "If you know what I mean". I don't get it at all! But to be fair, it's hard to concentrate on what they say when you are distracted by a piece of grilled meat... If I had to guess I'd say Welgo is part of some organisation. And the more I think about it the more I believe it's the WG. (but wait, wouldn't it be a rice cracker then?)

On Luffy's side, everyone has been pwned by CC. Not much to do here...

Meanwhile, Team Zoro is having a Peanut Butter Jelly Time without peanut butter. God, am I really that out of jokes?

Anyway, Sanji saves Kinemon's torso and I really start to wonder how Nami is going to survive the aching muscles once she gets her body back (hopefully not at all, muahaha!). The interesting part is that Sanji retains his Observation Haki even in Nami's body. Wait, we established that before, right?

It was funny when Zoro and Brook picked their noses and didn't give a fuck while Sanji was yelling at them for not having taken care of the slime. Their captain sure rubs off on them...

Once reunited with his torso, Kinemon proves to be not only as tall as Brook but also the elemental fire equivalent, causing and slicing through fire. Needless to say, Zoro finds this very interesting. As the translation says: "The flames have touched Zoro's heart as well." ... ... ULTRA GAY!

So that about sums up this weeks chapter. It was... okay, I guess. It lacks epicness.