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Aww, Cinde-nami robbed some poor idiot prince and left a glass slipper. Classic! But I think someone's under her dress, carrying her, because there is no way her upper body can twist around that far. Either that or she killed Luffy for his rubber powers.

Love is in the air! No, wait, it's just poison gas...

Slime is still throwing his balls around- no I mean firing balls of itself... eh, you know what I mean. And Brook proves to be a hardcore pervert, imagining Nami getting slime-raped. Heading his fellow pervert's wish Sanji strips and jumps into the lake. I read enough hentai to know where this is going... Oh, you guys and your sick fantasies. (But... a book about slime? Seriously? I mean, REALLY? =_=)

Meanwhile, Law is dating a hot chick... -en. Granted, his pickup line ain't the best but, aww, I can't help but find it cute how Monet is teasing him. Law and Monet are my new OTP. <3 *gets shot*

Luffy on the other had doesn't have that much luck with CC. Sorry to break this to you, bro, but he isn't gay even if he looks like it (check out those pants!). You should let him go now or he might sue you.

Sex jokes aside, I found Luffy's fight with CC fairly entertaining. CC getting a falcon punch to the face was definitely worth waiting for. And there were explosions! What else could I possibly wish for? Plus, his surprised expression over Luffy surviving the blast was priceless!

In the end, Luffy collapses but that's good old OP event order so I'm not complaining. He kinda deserved it for getting cocky earlier.

In the meantime, Law's date gets interrupted by a sudden urge to spit blood and some shady random dude appearing to steal his chick... -en. Talk about bad timing.

Okay, seriously, my character background story senses are tingling. Law losing his cool is definitely something to worry about. I want to know who that guy is!!!

Unfortunately, there won't be a new chapter next week. Damn you, Oda, y u torture me so much?!