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I was reluctant to write a review about this chapter because it was deadly boring. But I couldn't bear disappointing Zori-swan again. So here I go for my lovely little sister:

Robin looks so cute on the cover! <3

The title says it all. There's some non-spectacular ass kicking going on and Luffy being a sexist jerk, refusing to fight Smoker because of the boobs. (<that's totally the reason and I'm sticking to it!) ...first Law and now Smoker... Luffy and co manage to mortify even the toughest guys in this arc. And then there was this panel:

Am I the only person who thought it's kinda hilarious? Also, I'm beginning to wonder how the hell Smoker-shigi's shirt stays in place with him moving around like that. I suspect the FCC...

Anyway, there is an unexpected shower of Flubber- I mean slime, that breathes poison gas. Well, I wonder what happens if you touch it... *derp* Seriously, how can you be stupid enough to touch it if it emits poison gas? Common sense should tell you that it's probably going to melt your freaking skin off. Cheesus...

And on top of that they try to burn it. I cannot describe the level of stupidity but at least we got a nice little firework. So what is the moral of the story? Random extras with speaking parts are the first to die! And antagonistic random extras laughing about it are second. Oh, the poetic justice! (on a side note: Tashigi-ker crying was extremely awkward.)

Last but not least CC (no, not the green-haired chick from Code Geass!) makes his semi-dramatic entrance to the scene... and gets surprise-glomped by Luffy. Now isn't this adorable?

So much about the chapter. Not the most epic part, maybe except the explosion. I hope CC doesn't go down too easily. I want to see a good fight in the next chapter.

Neo out!

PS: Paradox slime is paradox. It fires off itself (and we are not even in Soviet Russia!). I wonder what happens once the slime runs out of itself...