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Cover: Why Oda!!! D: Why do you have to remind us to the death of WB and Ace. WHY? *sob* Oh, the feels... But last part? Now I'm getting curious for what's next.

Ahhh, I can't take it! The tension! And here I though we would finally learn which Yonko Law wants to take down. Curse you, Oda, you tricked us!

What's more, apparently Law doesn't even have a plan. And he wants to team up with Luffy of all people? I'm starting to doubt the good man's sanity; or at least his judgement. But judged by Luffy's relaxed response to Law's offer I'm pretty sure it's not Shanks and not Teach either.

Luffy invites Law to hang out with his friends, who are not exactly thrilled to see him and I think Law regrets agreeing to being inducted into Luffy's circle of friends, too. Honestly, it's refreshing to see Law, who up until now seemed to have everything planned out and under control, being in a slightly awkward situation. Especially when Usopp placed Chopper on his head. Personally, I thought it looks pretty cute and hilarious. But unfortunately, Law is not the kind of guy who can laugh about himself. Aww... Still, the expression was prizeless. He really had no idea who he's dealing with.

Anyway, part of the body confusion is solved, which makes you wonder why Law (or rather Oda) had to do that in the first place. (... unless he intends to use on a greater scale/for a more important purpose later)

Now, let's take a look at the really important stuff:

  • First, the WG tries to turn humans into giants. Dafuq? It really shouldn't shock me since we all know they are bunch of bastards but I'm shocked anyway. I can see this being a major plot point in the future.
  • Second, Zoro, Sanji and Law can use Haki. That. is. AWESOME! Do want to seeeeeee~!

  • Third, GIANT SLIME!!! And it''s... a giant axolotl?!?!? Now this is major trolling... =_= Still, the chapter became a little more epic. Seriously, how is anyone supposed to fight this thing. This is gonna be good...
  • And last but not least, the way Law reacts to the crew's decision making. I'm starting to believe that the reasony why his crew isn't with him might not necessarily be them being in trouble but simply because they didn't agree with Law's actions. Just a theory.