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Crappy Review for Your Entertainment

Mmmmm'okay. So maybe this chapter wasn't a complete waist of my time after all. There was a lot of action going on. Still, Smoker VS Law was more epic.

Being inside an "ordinary" body for a change, Franky decided to do drugs while he has the chance to. (I imagine cyborgs find it hard to get high.) Unfortunately, he didn't listen to his doctor, which led to disastrous side effects and an Elephant Gun to the face.

The Yeti Cool Brothers earned themselves 100 brownie points (I said Brownie not Brony! Jeez!) by expressing tolerance towards sexual deviants. Well, considering they probably have no female counter parts... oh, cannot unseeeeee~!

After a considerable amount of pointless fighting, Law shows up and raises the epicness level again by finishing one of the Yetis. Somewhere in Soviet Russia Chuck Norris killed a man with a thumbs up in Law's honor.

The chapter ends with Law proposing to Luffy (< many yaoi fanfics were written today) to form an alliance in order to kill a Yonkou.

Theory Part

Now, the question of all questions: Which Yonkou does he want to take down anyway?

  • Big Mom - I'm all for it. Seems like the likeliest case, too. At least the likeliest Luffy would agree to. Perhaps... BIG MOM ATE LAW'S CREW!? *derp*
  • Kaidou - Or maybe Drake if he succeeded to beat the guy before, still doubting it though. Whatever the case, I don't see a reason to fight either at this point. Then again, Kaidou's base must be pretty close considering how fast Drake managed to find it. So it IS a possibility.
  • Blackbeard - That would be a little early in the story imo. Considering that he collects DF abilities he's too powerful to fight as a second boss in the New World. Given all the attention he got fighting him now would kill the tension in a most anticlimactic way.
  • Shanks - lolwut? ಠ_ಠ Just no. I mean, I can see Luffy agreeing to Law's offer without knowing who Law intends to fight and say "SHANKS IS A YOUNKOU??? Wait... WHAT? You want me to fight Shanks? No fucking way! I'm outta here!" later but... ... ...nvm, Oda would totally do that just to troll us. >_>