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The color spread freaking ROCKS!

The chapter... not so much. I don't know. Sure, it's nice to see Tashigi's gazongas and personally I think Smoker should remain inside Tashigi forever (not as sexual as it sounds!) but did we learn anything that we haven't heard before?

To sum it up: The WG let Vegapunk and Caesar experiment on a bunch of guys who probably deserved it anyway. CC, trying to be better than Punk, let a huge poison gas bomb explode on the island and the Marines and WG folks ran away, leaving the prisoners behind. CC spent the last two years patching up the poor saps who got crippled because of his freaking bomb, but since they don't know it was his fault they are celebrating him as a freaking god, while he's merely trying to do his villain thing and doesn't give a crap about his little fans.

Is it just me or does that sound like Alabasta meets Thriller Bark with a flavor of Impel Down? Not that I'm complaining, it's pretty cool and all but we all know the WG are a goddamn lot of Nazis.

I'm still missing something to blow me off my chair.

On a side note: Smoker inside Tashigi's body looks totally like Robin during Fishman Island Arc.