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Saldeath isn't cute anymore. I'm heartbroken... T_T

At least the latest chapter was funny. And I started to develop a theory concerning Law. But first things first:

Luffy and company bump into Law's little party (talk about fashionably late) and we get a few panels of flashbacking while Luffy explains how Law helped him out 2 years ago.

Law's reaction... or non-reaction left me wonder. But not as much as I wondered about the fact that Weakshigi is back on her feet, literally. And she tries to attack Law again, this time because he stole her boyfriend's heart. (<it's less gay than it sounds.) Then Law get's even more pissed, if that is possible, and switches her and Smoker's personalities as he did with Team Shitty Nami earlier. My first thought: meh!

And now comes the point that I found interesting: Law tells Luffy to go into the facility and says that "We both have something we want to get back". The only thing that I can think of at this point is Law's crew. Earlier, Law had a pretty grim look on his face when Luffy mentioned Bepo. And my theory is that Law's crew might have gotten into trouble BECAUSE they helped Luffy.

But enough speculation, back to... what is this I don't even... Namji and Frami are HILARIOUS. I'm looking forward to see that in the anime. Seriously, this is the only way I can accept Nami. I laughed so hard. Especially at the changed eyes. They look so incredibly off on all of them.

The only switch even funnier than that is Smoshigi... or no, wait, it should be Tashoker! GOD, Smoker makes Tashigi's face looks so damn badass. And yet... I can't help laughing. It's just too much.

And the farting. THE FARTING!!! All our theories got ruined by... gas. I felt myself die a little inside.

Oh, and we get to know the name of the blob guy but, eh, well... I'm not impressed yet. Sure, it's kinda cool but... I need more information than that to blow my mind.

And that's pretty much it. Neo out and under the shower.