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Giants fail at being parents. And not only them as it seems. The kids' story in OP's latest chapter made me wonder just how much one can fail in teaching their children not to go with strangers. Good Enel!

The other thing that left me shocked was that either Law and Master have some really twisted interior designer or they had themselves a Halloween cocktail party with fancy ice cubes. (Remember those lollipops with the bugs in them? They were quite popular in the late 90s.) Either way, the entrance hallway of that research facility gave me the chills.

Not much to say about the rest of the chapter. Smoker's conversation with Law was boring and Team Shitty Nami breaking through the entrance moments after Law told Smoker that he's alone on the island was a major facepalm moment.

What Law did with the ship was kinda cool, I guess. It's like he cut the thing including the water from the rest of the bay. Then again, I'm reminded to Shiki with that one.

I totally want to see Law VS Smoker but my bets are on Team Luffy arriving before the fighting even starts.