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It's Wednesday and honestly: I forgot. And that's a shame cause this week Oda is trolling us again!

First things first: I was right. Yes, that is totally crucial and I childishly INSIST on it! No, not about Law or anything that trivial. Some time ago I had an argument with Angel about Nami's navigator skills being pretty much what every navigator who made it this far should be capable of. So knowing about the currents is a super-special-awesome skill? Pah! Smoker took a look at the water and knew where the freaking current was going. Now I don't know how well Smoker studied navigation but less than shitty Nami probably. *Nami-hater mode*

My first real wtf moment in this chapter was this one:

True camaraderie, innit? It's moments like this which burst our dream bubble of epic friendship that make this manga so worthwhile, reminding us that knowingly or naiively they are all jerks on the inside. But I love Robin's innocent smile when she's being one. xD

I start wondering who those centaurs are working for: Law or that other guy? There is this really big one and I do remember Law recruiting that giant dude at the human auction house. Who knows?

Meanwhile Brook built a snowman. Or at least he intended to. Seriously, what IS this guy doing? His crew mates have been kidnapped and he's sipping tea, beating up thugs, building a snowman, taking on a samurai... this man is way too relaxed.

Aaand Law became a Shichibukai. Hah... Well, I'm not surprised and yet I am. He's strong enough to be one alright but seeing how he doesn't like to be ordered around I didn't think he'd want to be one. And yet he actually "applied" for the job, in the creepiest and most AWESOME manner possible. *two severed thumbs up for that*

So that's pretty much it from me for this week's chapter. The plot thickens...