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NOW it's not a spoiler anymore, right? >_>

So, turns out the script translation had pretty much everything in it that is relevant: Luffy and Zoro fighting the dragon, the other part of the crew being kidnapped and some weird legs coming from inside the dragon that were the source of the dragon's voice all along.

What the translation didn't mention is that those guys who kidnapped Team Shitty Nami are FREAKING CREEPY!!! Those diver suites scare the shit out of me. I'm not even joking. Now I guess Brook will go after them or at least tell Team Luffy what happened as he was obviously not kidnapped like the others.

The other thing that is obviously relevant are those funny legs. What we know:

  • They wear some kimono/yukata/Japanese-bath-robe-kind-of-clothes and wooden sandals
  • They are hairy
  • Their size indicates that the person as a whole is rather tall
  • They can "sense" people (Haki?)
  • They like to literaly kick ass
  • They have a strange way of speaking
  • They are cowardish
  • The remark "I got separated" indicates that there is in fact an upper part belonging to those legs and that it's not unnatural to him to split into half
  • They don't like the or a Shichibukai

My first guess would be that they got into a fight with one of the Shichibukai and got attatched to the dragon as a result. What I find strange is how the conscience of that person is in the legs rather than - like in Buggy's case or when Law seperates bodies - in the head piece. What the f*ck?

This arc begins to feel more and more like Thriller Bark. :/