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Or maybe JoorZahFrul?

Cover:Awwww! She's so cute! Glasses: check. Miniskirt: check. Brains: check. It's young Kalifa! xD

So! We don't know where we are, the weather looks like Sodom and Gomorrah in October, an island in an ocean of flames which makes no sense whatsoever... Sounds like a perfect place for a picknic! No, wait, the provision just burned in the fire. Well, snap!

Anyway, our favorite pirate crew gets a call from some random extras in need. And being the hero, or maybe just looking for trouble, Luffy decides to help them.

I found it kinda funny that Zoro doesn't know what a samurai is. Especially since the Shichibukai are dubbed 7 Samurai of the Sea in German. Oh, the irony! Brook's level of education surprises me once again. Being silly and plain bonkers doesn't equal not intellectual.

Enter Vice-Admiral, Smoker! ... ...meh, I liked his old looks better. He's still boss but I hope he'll look better in the anime version (<ahahaha, that was a bad one!).

Back to the freaking plot: As it seems Smoker has a good judgement for Luffy's actions as he was able to predict the route he'd choose. But he failed to take into account that Lady Luck is a troll. Oh, well... when the chance is 1-3... wait a minute! If there are only 3 islands where the hell did they end up? Compare the map on the left and you will see there are 5 (actually 7) islands. So my guess is they are one of those other two. Just because the Log Pose can only point to 3 islands doesn't mean there aren't more.

Back at the Sunny part of the crew gets ready to set off. Does anyone else find Nami's Milky Rod move offensive? >_> And isn't it cute how she roots for Usopp? (Ahaha sorry, slut-bit, but the man is already taken. And Kaya is much cuter and likable than you!) And there's even more flirting going on. Robin feeds Luffy her lunch... That settles it! The woman is mad. He'll come back for more and Hancock will come after her head... And yet a lot of fanfics were written today.

This place looks like there could be guard dogs behind every corner. And the whole half hot/half cold thing sounds suspiciously like Akainu and Kuzan but that was 2 years ago and not 4... So what else is important? OMG, ROBIN GETS NAKED!!! No, wait, she doesn't. Meh... But still... Even as a girl I me-gusta-ed.

>And oh, look! A dragon! Personally, I think it looks like a boar. lol Who wants to bet that Luffy is the only one who can hear it talking?