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So let me sum up this chapter:

Nami fanservice, Sanji and Brook get deep-fried for peeping, the guys really like to eat, crazy ass sea current, Luffy is a nerd, Brook has a boner for whales, all whales like Binks' Sake, the weather in the New World is terrible but everyone's having fun.

I really don't know what you guys have against this chapter. It was rather funny and heavily symbolic. Why? Crazy currents (up a mountain), whale(s), entering the (second half of the) Grand Line... Does it ring a bell? Or is it just my tinnitus again? No, this definitely feels like chapter 102, just a lot more extreme. Now if anyone tries to kill a whale for meat in the next chapter I'll laugh my ass off.

On a side note: YES! Yes, Brook sang Binks' Sake again! :D I've been wondering when it would be played again just the other chapter AND HERE HE GOES! Neo is happy about it because it means they will play it in the anime again. <3

Now there is just one thing I've been CONSTANTLY wondering about and this time again: Why is Luffy such a damn SiFi-nerd? One Piece has robots and shit but Luffy didn't even have a TV when he was little. So how did he ever learn about robots, laser beams and warp zones? (Was it in the manga? I just skip-read most chapters.)

Fanservice: To make up for the lack of action...