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Alternate title: Pick one and you die today!

The chapter begins with the greatest horrors imaginable, we get a cover with mermaid Kokoro... Ah, it BURNS!!!

Sad good-byes, everyone on FI will miss the SH. But they can't warn them that when they meet Big Mom she might be even more pissed at them than she already is because some dumbass put a bomb in the peace offering they send her. Oh, no! That would be inproper. Maybe it's just me but it reeks of imminent doom here...

And on top of that we learn that to navigate in the New World you have a triple log pose and the one of them that behaves most oddly leads straight to hell. Okay... If you didn't see coming which one Luffy would pick you are not a real OP fan.

The Straw Hats' promise to Shirahoshi was just touching and awfully cute. Just where the hell were Zoro and Franky?

I think it's sad yet a good decision for the sake of realism to show that some residents of FI are still racists but Jinbe will shut them up eventually. Rumor has it that Criminal's collection for next season will feature straw hats.

Epic picture of departure but nothing to say about this chapter really.