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Visions of Loveliness

Chimney Manga Post Timeskip Infobox

Chimney after the time-skip

Tashigi Manga Post Timeskip Infobox

Gotta do it before MDM does. *hurhur* So! Finally we get to see some characters who actually became definitely better looking after the TS. It's... is it wrong of me to think that Chimney looks better than Tashigi? She used to be a weird and kinda creepy little girl but look at her now. SHE'S SO CUTE!!!

Anyway, so we finally got to know what happened to Jinbe and his crew after the war. I imagine being bossed around by Big Mom to be quite a pain in Jinbe's fat tuna ass despite his statement that he doesn't mind. Knowing his character I'm pretty sure he does. Come on, tuna man! Even Neptune wants you to join the SH! And I'm getting used to the thought, too...

So about that bomb in the magic box (I forgot what it was called)... does it reek of Shyarly's prediction here or is it just me?

Wild Caribou appears. Wild caribou uses Numa Numa No Gatling Gun. It's not very effective because for one thing the name is stolen and Pekoms is not a kitty. It appears that Caribou is like Akutare from Disgaea 2. He's an idiot and people regularly beat the living crap out of him but he's a lucky idiot and his opponents fail to finish him off. Someone should really put this guy out of his (and my) misery.

And last but not least there are Smoker and Tashigi. Well, yeah, you could have guessed they show up and their ranks aren't a surprise either.

Sorry, Luffy, but your villain is in another castle!

I find this arc strange. Hody, the supposed main villain, gets his fishy ass kicked by Zoro before the actual fighting even starts and at the final showdown he gets down pretty fast, too.

Caribou, a crazy rapist psychopath with the potential to do some SERIOUS shit, acts as the Team Rocket of this arc with the exception that he is not funny at all.

Big Mom owns everybody's ass while not even being present. It'll probably take another 50 chapters until SHE shows up in person. So she doesn't qualify as the big bad of this arc either.

... I want Sir Crocodile back...TT__TT I guess I can live with Enel or even Rob Lucci, too. Just give me a major villain who follows the arc rules!