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646 - War of the Gods

Neowitch November 16, 2011 User blog:Neowitch

If it wasn't written under the picture I would not have guessed it's Aisa on the cover. Dang! (I predict yet 2 more Skypiea cover)

So Chopper can finally use Monster Point at will. For 3 Minutes. But hey! It's still awesome. Though, Chopper being happy in his Monster Point is... creepy. xD It made my laugh so hard. But not as hard as when Brook said "Even blood freezes in the wind of hell... I hope it flips some skirts up too." Brook has his priorities together! Do you?

His ice-based finishing move is rather nice. As for Usopp... I don't get it. No, I just don't. Chopper's is okay and ...


is pretty awesome. Jinbe gets his own page spread... is it just me or does it reek of joining theories around here? Oda, why? D:

Sanji's finishing move... I don't know. It's not quite as spectacular as the others'. And for Zoro I would have expected something more spectacular, too. Guess it proves his opponent to be "not worth it".

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