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My reaction on the cover: GAAAhahahahahahahaha...haahahahahahahahaha...haha xD I rofled. I predict that there will be at least 2 more Skypiea covers.

Luffy's last punch from 644 was apparently not enough. Hody gets back up (well, at least a little) and takes(?) more pills (By now I'm 99% sure those will be the cause of his death in the end.) Which doesn't help him for he's still getting pwned by Luffy.

Down on Fishman Island people are arguing about whether to trust Luffy the same way they trusted Whitebeard. So... first Roger and now Luffy gets compared to Shirohige? Just how awesome is this guy?

Awesome enough to send Hody crushing into (a still falling!!) Noah and to attempt to destroy the ship itself. (Elephant Gatling W00t!)

Meanwhile Hody's defeat is announced down where people fight. And while the pirates see no reason to fight anymore, Zeo and Hody's other fanatic crew members refuse to stop fighting. Zeo states that with their death they will pass on the grudge towards humans to the next generation. Dosun adds if they are mad then only because humans made them and that the current situation is all the humans' fault (Right...). Upon hearing that some children question whether humans are really that scary. And here comes the part that I find most epic, proving once again that Oda can deliver important messages like no one else:

Shirley says that they should see it with their own eyes. Otherwise they have no right to judge it.

I love it. I just love the message. And I love what comes next too.

Zeo attacks the pirates who didn't want to fight but is stopped by Brook. The latter comments on the foolishness of Zeo's words, saying that Zeo doesn't know what he's talking about since he never experienced death and that he (Brook) hates it when people waste their lives.

Zeo in return commends the fact that they, the humans, stay so calm and didn't run away but also says they are going to be killed by Noah, to which Brook replies that Luffy is the man who will become Pirate King so there is no need to worry. (Epic sparkles ftw! xD)

Aww, I find Brook's devotion to his (new) captain so cute. Help me out, guys, did anyone other than Zoro (and Luffy himself of course) ever declare that Luffy will be the Pirate King? Okay, Usopp did. I got it.

Fights, fights, fights and HOLY CRAP! Chopper transformed into his monster form!!! Run for your li- wait a sec! He can still talk? EEEEHHHHHH!?