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  • I live in the most pretentiously hospitable country of Europe, Germany
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  • My occupation is pretending to study Game Design
  • I am owner of a pair. Of boobs.
  • Neowitch

    Unfortunate DF Powers

    November 12, 2015 by Neowitch

    I got the idea from RandomKing57's blog Randomized Devil Fruit Game in which I was unfortunate enough to get the Moku Moku no Mi. As someone who does not smoke and is in fact anti-smoking this is probably the most unfortunate DF power for me. So, I started wondering if there are other such unfortunate combinations.

    Maybe someone who's allergic to cats who eats the Neko Neko no Mi? Or a neat freak with the Numa Numa no Mi. Or a Vegan with the power of the Niku Niku no Mi!

    What do you think is a particularly unfortunate combination of character and DF?

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  • Neowitch

    Real Life Yoru

    June 16, 2015 by Neowitch

    Not sure how many of you have subscribed to AWE me on Youtube but for those who haven't check this out:

    They forged Mihawk's blade, Yoru!

    I'm a little disappointed the guard isn't quite right. But that's because they used the anime as a reference (boo!). Still, it looks pretty impressive.

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  • Neowitch

    Sup, mortals! And Nova.

    In high anticipation of the next chapter, I decided to make a blog to pass the time. The topic will be "The Straw Hat crew consists of more than Luffy and Zoro, godfreakingdammit!" And yes, the cursing is crucial to the title.

    To those who haven't realized or simply keep forgetting about it, the last time we saw Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook was December 2013. It's been over one year and 4 months. And the last time we saw either of them fight a serious battle with high stakes was in September 2008.

    Now, I know what you're thinking: Wasn't that, like, Sabaody before the Time-Skip?

    Yes! To me, it feels like most of the Straw Hats, including those we've seen on the scene of battle during Dressrosa, didn't get to fight a re…

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  • Neowitch

    OMG There is a chapter this week?!? Did Christmas come earlier this year? Oh, wait, Christmas is already over...

    Oh, man, what a way to send us off into a happy f*cking new year! Neither did I expect a chapter this week nor did I anticipate something this awesome. And, frankly, I loved it!

    Things start off with Diamante being a total d*ck, taunting Kyros and attacking Rebecca. And I think I can finally accept this woman being completely useless, BECAUSE HER DAD ROCKS SO HARD! Kyros proclaiming that now he's human again he would never let his daughter swing a sword ever again was really touching and super cool. Debatable, but cool.

    Why, debatable? Because he does say that he wants Rebecca to rely on him instead of raising her into an independe…

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  • Neowitch

    Can you believe that I needed to refer to my own blog post to remind myself how to incorporate images into the blog?

    Anyway, while I'm not done with this thing yet, I wanted to share it with you guys since it's Christmas: A little OP X Attack on Titan crossover, featuring Robin and Brook (neither of which has real need for 3DMG, if you think about it...) and Nami as Female Titan.

    Originally [1], some of the others were there, too, but once I fleshed out the sketch there was simply no space for them anymore. Which is kind of a shame, because Franky Nipple Grappling Hook was the most epic idea I had in months.

    Constructive criticism is much appreciated!

    On a completely different note, I'…

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