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Jesus Burgess' Mr. Store Mask

With the manga’s return to present day Dressrosa, Violet summarises the remaining on-going battles between the Straw-Hats and their allies and the Doflamingo family. For some time, however, one character has remained unaccounted for during this fight: Jesus Burgess, captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard pirates.

Considering how surprisingly furtive the Blackbeard crew has been on previous occasions (I am thinking of their unexpected arrival at Impel Down, as well as their sudden appearance at Marineford- arriving apparently unnoticed, despite Sanjuan Wolf’s size), the fact that Burgess has been overlooked is not so surprising. Still, despite Fujitora’s apparent priority for the safety of civilians, he seems uncharacteristically lackadaisical about letting a prominent captain from one of the Yonko loose amongst its citizens. I know I don’t feel safe…

But Burgess will surely reappear again and, in the greatest tradition of the Blackbeard pirates, signify a drastic game changer. This blog asks: what will Jesus do? Will he get revenge on Sabo for stealing the Mera Mera no Mi? Will he target Luffy now that the latter has been dropped from the Doflamingo fight? Will he turn up and finish off Doflamingo personally because…because? (Blackbeard pirates- you just never know do you.) And, hell, what has he been doing all the time we haven’t seen him? Shooting some hoops down near the harbour? Browsing the Dressrosa summer collection? Prank calling previous characters?

You tell me.

Apologies if this subject has already been promoted for speculation.