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  • Neko Neko no Mi Model: Russian Blue

    This is intended chiefly as a forum for debate over the introduction of time-travel/time-powers into One Piece. Apologies if this discussion has been had before.

    In the previous post by Ghmorello summarising chapter 905, A FANDOM user pitched the idea that Ryokugyu could be a time-traveller, albeit one who travelled through a machine.

    It’s worth considering: being an Admiral, Ryokugyu no doubt has a devil fruit, and the idea that it is related to an overpowered ability like time would easily put him on a par with (if not exceed) Fujitora’s own abilities. Besides which, other aspects of his character may hint to this being the case as well, i.e. he hasn’t eaten in 3 years, but if his body clock has been stopped, why would he need to?

    At the ve…

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  • Neko Neko no Mi Model: Russian Blue

    With the manga’s return to present day Dressrosa, Violet summarises the remaining on-going battles between the Straw-Hats and their allies and the Doflamingo family. For some time, however, one character has remained unaccounted for during this fight: Jesus Burgess, captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard pirates.

    Considering how surprisingly furtive the Blackbeard crew has been on previous occasions (I am thinking of their unexpected arrival at Impel Down, as well as their sudden appearance at Marineford- arriving apparently unnoticed, despite Sanjuan Wolf’s size), the fact that Burgess has been overlooked is not so surprising. Still, despite Fujitora’s apparent priority for the safety of civilians, he seems uncharacteristically lackad…

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  • Neko Neko no Mi Model: Russian Blue

    Disclaimer: The author reserves the right to acknowledge that his own work is potentially unlikely and sensationalist, but made anyway in the interests of entertainment. In no way does this work necessarily reflect the author’s own prospective view of the forthcoming legitimate chapter.

    Central Acacia

    Franky and the Thunderous Soldier of Rage exit a Cinema which bears the legend: Now showing- ‘The Sad History of Dressrosa’ 15:30- Kyros, starring Kirk Douglas.

    Franky: (in tears) What a sad history!

    TSoR: So very sad.

    Franky: And so vital to the plot!

    TSoR: Ohhh yes. Definitely vital.

    Franky: I dedicate a song to this city (takes out a guitar and strums) ‘Misfortune beats down like the Sun upon your beautiful streets’.

    TSoR: You haven’t done that ga…

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  • Neko Neko no Mi Model: Russian Blue

    What it says on the tin: because last time I checked, the Heart pirates were a crew too.

    Long before the Dressrosa arc, Law and Bellamy stood in an interesting comparison of character: Law, once connected to Doflamingo, doesn't want to know. Bellamy on the other hand is trying very hard to return to the Doflamingo nest, despite getting pointedly rejected. Chances are, Bellamy's going to get neglected by Doflamingo again once he fails to win the tournament sooner or later. But what if he subsequently meets Law, and their common ground becomes apparent? The precedent has already been set in terms of a former captain joining Law's crew after all. Then again, the two might clash. Cue speculation.

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  • Neko Neko no Mi Model: Russian Blue

    Corrida Colosseum, Balcony

    Cavendish is furious

    Cavendish: You’re…you’re Straw Hat Luffy?

    Luffy: (not too concerned) uh, yeah, that’s right.

    Cavendish is silent for a moment. His rage breaks and he lunges at Luffy, but Chinjao gets in the way

    Chinjao: Cause trouble and they’ll disqualify you.

    Cavendish: (pacified, yet glowering) Fine. But I’ll be back for you sooner or later (walks away) Straw Hat Luffy.

    He leaves. Luffy stares after him, thinking hard.

    Luffy: What’s his problem? (He’s forgotten everything. Turns to Chinjao) Hey thanks old guy!

    Chinjao: It’d be a pain if you were taken out before I’d had a chance to exact my revenge.

    Luffy watches him walk away, then turns back to the battle.

    Corrida Colosseum, Arena

    Commentator: Things are heating up…

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