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aka CallmeGanshineORGannieORNef, OK?

  • I live in Somewhere in South Korea, OK?
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is Rookie Comic Creator and Student, OK?
  • I am A Human, OK? A Young Man, OK?
  • NefertariGannie

    Hello Everyone! How's Your Day? Hope its Good ^^

    I am just A New Person Here.. Going to Learn More and More about One Piece.. Thats the First Reason why'd I Join OPWikia :)

    You can Call me Gannie, Nef, or even Ganshine, OK?

    Im 16 YO (?)

    From South Korea (?)

    Just for Introdution about my Real Statement, Here it Is :

    - NefertariGannie is Katy Perry Lover♥ (Yo Can Call it KatyCat♥)

    - NefertariGannie's Favorite Boy Character in OP is = Roronoa Zoro~

    - NefertariGannie's Favorite Girl Character in OP is = Nefertari Vivi~

    - NefertariGannie would be like to Stay in Alabasta if it was a Real~

    - NefertariGannie's Rarely to Online..So people Who met Nef Online is just a Luck.. (The Fuck? Who Cares?)

    - NefertariGannie is a Human

    - NefertariGannie Likes Annoying O…

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