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I'm still making these things up as I go along, I'm currently only onto Gear Third and haven't even touched the possibility of Armament Haki just yet, so please enjoy what I have now.

Added new Gear Third Attack


Gomu Gomu no Naifu: Arm spins semi-rapidly to give the illusion of turning into a thin short blade, user delivers a quick barrage of slashing attacks (Intent is to cause major blood-loss and/or immobility in the opponent, can give the user and available combo)

Gomu Gomu no Kureimoa: Arm spins at a very high speed, giving the illusion of a massive Sabre, user then delivers one or two slashes (The intent is not to deal the most damage, but to instead cut the opponent into pieces using minimal energy)

Gomu Gomu no Kyanon: Essentially the same idea as Gigantic Pistol, but the user can achieve this in his basic form, then user pools air into his fist and then uses Gomu Gomu no Rifle's technique to deal MASSIVE damage to anything in their way

Second Gear:

Gomu Gomu no Jetto Naifu: The same idea as Jet Pistol, but instead of punching, the user deals great amounts of damage by cutting almost every part of their body

Gomu Gomu no Kazaguruma: User spins rapidly, so much so that their arms have nowhere to go but outward (The intent of this move is to deal maximum damage to hordes of opponents, you might feel a bit dizzy afterwards though)

Gomu Gomu no Shokkuu~Ebu: The user flings their arm into the air, stretching it to it's max, and then brings it back down as fast as possible, the moment it hits the ground is the moment you better have run away, as this will cause you a great deal of pain in the air or on the ground (The intent is to cause a borderline earthquake simply by using your fist, however the speed in which your fist will be traveling is dangerous enough breaking the sound barrier, and your opponent's ears)

Third Gear:

Gomu Gomu no Funshu-Chikyu: The user plunges their fist into the earth, and inflates it while it's buried, before the opponent notices, the user pulls their arms back up from the earth, and into the poor foe legs first

Gomu Gomu no Monsuta Gatoringu: Same idea as Gatling Gun or Jet Gatling Gun, only you have inflated both of your fists beforehand

Gomu Gomu no Buranketto Meteor: User inflates both hands to an EXTREME, stretches them into the air with the same intent as Shokku~Ebu, and then pulls the hands back down (with the inflated hands, you can cover a MUCH wider distance not only from the volume of your weapon, but from the shockwave that'll be produced by the impact)