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aka Naturally Twisted / Naku Mun / Tsumi

  • I live in Planet Vegeta
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Drawing in general, Research, etc.
  • I am Classified, consider me both genders
  • NaturallyTwisted

    I'm still making these things up as I go along, I'm currently only onto Gear Third and haven't even touched the possibility of Armament Haki just yet, so please enjoy what I have now.

    Added new Gear Third Attack


    Gomu Gomu no Naifu: Arm spins semi-rapidly to give the illusion of turning into a thin short blade, user delivers a quick barrage of slashing attacks (Intent is to cause major blood-loss and/or immobility in the opponent, can give the user and available combo)

    Gomu Gomu no Kureimoa: Arm spins at a very high speed, giving the illusion of a massive Sabre, user then delivers one or two slashes (The intent is not to deal the most damage, but to instead cut the opponent into pieces using minimal energy)

    Gomu Gomu no Kyanon: Essential…

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