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  • Nashster2

    anime flashback

    May 23, 2011 by Nashster2

    hey guys,

    i dont read online manga so i was just wondering about how many episodes until the end of the flashback in the anime.

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  • Nashster2

    what do you guys think would happen if Scratchman Apoo and Brooke met?

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  • Nashster2

    sanji's rivals

    March 17, 2011 by Nashster2

    Hey guys,

    this is about the monster trio rivalry. as we know luffy's rivals are basically BB, coby, smoker, and maybe even shanks and the admirals. zoro's are mihawk, tashigi, and all the other swordsman out there, and sanji of course. besides Zoro, who do you consider sanji's rival. like someone from a different crew or group. i was just curious cuz theres gotta be a rival for him. if not, do you think there'll ever bea rival for him? and please dont say Duval hahaha.

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