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Konbanwa!!!! It's messy-comment-sections-blog-creator again... Here again with something quite different from a theory or prediction so it's more like a quieston.. long-ass question at that. And it's something about Shanks and Buggy that's been bugging me for awhile (notice the pun?) .. here we go..

First things first, about their history, i'm confused about something. As everyone knows, Buggy and Shanks were cabin boys aboard the Oro Jackson that belonged to the Roger Pirates' crew. Thing is, they allegedly were part of the crew when Roger took them to Raftel and hid the One Piece treasure on it. But my question is, was Roger the only person of the crew that knew what One Piece was and where he hid it??. I ask that question because of only one reason: Buggy.

Buggy has always been particularly weak and ambitious. He even states that treasures are the most important things for pirates. So why doesn't he just comes out and say "I know where One Piece is, and how to get to Raftel." Wouldn't it be obvious that legions of strong pirates would join him after that?? Why doesn't he do that?? Could it be that Roger didn't let any of his crew know about it's location?? Could it be that not only himself, but also Shanks know something that nobody else knows? What's the big secret that Oda's keeping about them?? Buggy is always on the hunt for treasures, especially Davy Jones' treasure. I don't know if he found that treasure during the timeskip, but he's obviously not using his new Pirate Dispatch Society to look for One Piece since he probably would've found it already. Weirdest thing is that I can't remember Buggy talking much about finding One Piece. I only remember him talking about killing Whitebeard so he could "rule" the seas.

The thing that bugs me the most is that Whitebeard mentioned that One Piece was a "great treasure" and that when it was found a "great war would ensue upon the world" or something like that. If it was something this great why hasn't Buggy gone after it?? Shanks I understand, because he's a Whitebeard type of pirate, not caring about treasures and the material stuff.

Could it be that only people that read and/or understand Poneglyphs know where it is, due to Roger writing it on a Poneglyph, like when he left his message at Skypeia?? Could it be that Raftel can no longer be reached normally, fact implied by Roger asking Whitebeard if he wanted to know how to get there?? Could it be that only the D. can find it??? Do Shanks and Buggy know this??

But really, JUST WHAT IS ONE PIECE???!!!!!