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  • Naruichi96

    Konbanwa!!!! It's messy-comment-sections-blog-creator again... Here again with something quite different from a theory or prediction so it's more like a quieston.. long-ass question at that. And it's something about Shanks and Buggy that's been bugging me for awhile (notice the pun?) .. here we go..

    First things first, about their history, i'm confused about something. As everyone knows, Buggy and Shanks were cabin boys aboard the Oro Jackson that belonged to the Roger Pirates' crew. Thing is, they allegedly were part of the crew when Roger took them to Raftel and hid the One Piece treasure on it. But my question is, was Roger the only person of the crew that knew what One Piece was and where he hid it??. I ask that question because of only…

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  • Naruichi96

    First of all, let me quickly write my thoughts on the last chapter. Cool chapter indeed, Usopp keeps making us laugh, but what I don't get is Fujitora's intentions. If he knows Mingo is at fault for this, why tell his men to concentrate on the alliance only? Doesn't he know about the Revolutionaries either? Does he mean to send his squad in a different direction so he can face Mingo alone? Anyways, my fist prediction... *nervous*

    Chapter 747: Desperate Measures

    Cover Page: Brook playing violin melodies to a family of dolphins

    Page 1:

    (Luffy has jumped from the plateau while carrying Law and Zoro)

    Zoro: Oi Luffy!!

    Law: Straw-Hat!! Wha..

    (Steam starts coming out of Luffy's body)

    Luffy: Gomu-Gomu No UFO!!!!

    Page 2:

    (Viola and Riku watch them from the p…

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  • Naruichi96

    Hey guys!! It's crazy long blog writer here again!! To be truthful, I don't think this theory is that crazy at all... (or speculation).... I just wrote that title to get your attention...... Beware, I don't know if someone has already speculated this same theory, so bear with me here.. I'll try to cover various topics including Joy Boy's promise.. Now, let's get started...

    Now I think, maybe like some other people here, that the dissapearence of the Ancient Weapons from records after the Void Century are completely related to what actually went down during the Void Century.. where as you may know, it's the time when the World Government apparently came together and destroyed the Ancient Kingdom... Soooo, what I think happened was that the T…

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  • Naruichi96

    Hey guys so first of all I want to let you know I ain't actually new on the site. I was formerly Naruichi24 but I forgot the password and when I asked for a new one it kinda glitched and never was sent... so I managed to trick the site and create a new account with my old email... If you don't know me I'm the guy who proposed a theory of Magellan being an Admiral which was terribly wrong and I'm also the guy who proposed the idea of XDrake being allied to Kaido and got into a mellow argument with DancePowderer but it actually turned out I was apparently right... Anyways imma have to use this account from now on... now about the title...

        So yeah.... in chapter 676 one of the New World brokers has the silhouette of Rob Lucci with the long…

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