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Hey guys I've got a topic to discuss about a theory I've been thinking about.. it's not that interesting but the question is... do you think X Drake has become Kaido's subordinate??? I know what you might think... Law hasn't even mentioned him much in the current arc which involves a lot of talk about Kaido but for me it might be that Drake is not really connected to Doflamingo or his relationship with Kaido.. What really got me into this was when Law talked about the purpose of SAD which was to create an infinite amount of Zoan users for Kaido's use and when he hinted about the fact that Kaido might not even be human.. leading everyone to beleive that he may be a real powerful Zoan user. Now this brought me back to when Drake, a Dinosaur Zoan user fitting perfectly under Kaido's apparent requirements arrived to the New World on an island belonging to the Yonko himself and ended up facing against Scotch asking that if he were to attack him would he get Kaido's attention... if you analyze welll he asked about attention, not facing Kaido in a violent manner.. meaning he may've only wanted to meet him personally... now there're a few things that leave me to believe that he is now Kaido's subordinate: 1) I think Law mentioned that one of the ways to survive in the New World is to be under a Yonko's commands, so Drake might've gone straight for that 2) He is a Zoan user, a very powerful one at that 3) He's a former Marine Rear Admiral, which could mean he has strong knowledge about everything concerning the Navy and about Kaido's recruitment of Zoan users, and he may have used that knowledge to quickly find Kaido. 4) He is still alive... so is Scotch, the guy he fought to get Kaido's attention, meaning Kaido could've interfered.... there might be other facts but I don't remember them all... tell me what you think... remember it's just a theory so go easy on my beliefs..