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Who do you hate the most on One Piece?

Okay, so I've been using this site for awhile and today just decided to start an account so here's my first blog tell me what you think.

Well one of the things I like about One Piece is that the villains are just so damn easy to hate. So I was wondering who everyone hated the most and why. Just some examples being Sakazuki, Enel, Spandam, Blackbeard, the Goresei, Arlong, and the Celestial Dragons.

I think out of all of them I hate the Celestial Dragons the most. They are just so disgusting with the way they treat everyone, throw around money like it's nothing, buy slaves for their amusement, and expect everyone to worship them. Like shooting Sabo, a small child, for being in their way.

So give me some feedback on who you hate and why.

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