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Welp. This is going to be pretty big. 705

So this chapter just made me think that the Navy & World Government are ready to flex their muscles in the New World. Doflamingo might have prepared this tournament in anticipation of the Navy's response to his resignation. I don't think this is a coincidence that upon Fujitora's arrival he finds some of the strongest pirates in the world needing backup like 3 battleships when a vice admiral and CP0 is already there.

Now that we've seen most of the players and seen some of their strength who's gonna come out on top? Pirates and gladiators or Navy and World Government? What kind of man is Fujitora, what kind of justice does he believe in, and why the hell haven't we seen him before now like in the War of the Best?

Also, how long do you think the Navy is going to allow this tournament to actually go on? They have to know that they'll need to make their move soon before the winner gains the powers of the Mera Mera fruit. Seriously though a Fleet Commander of a Yonko, 1 Shichibukai, 1 former Shichibukai, 1 admiral, CP0, and 2 other Supernovas (Luffy & Zoro) are all in one place. Not to mention Bartolomeo who effortlessly beat the hell out of a Vice Admiral.

I loved this setup and this should be one HUGE arc.

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