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Ouch, that looked like it hurt!

Okay, before I get started can we all just take a step back and appreciate the run that AYET is on right now?  Not just the Devil Fruit Tournament but since his return from his second honeymoon we've had This, this, this, this, and of course this to entertain ourselves with. Round of applause please. Take a bow, AYET. Well done.

Moving on to the main subject of the blog, we have seen some extraordinary recoveries from devasting injuries time and time again in One Piece. Injuries that if occurred in the real world would almost certainly end in death. I'm sure everyone's had that moment where you saw something like Whitebeard being stabbed by a huge freaking sword or Jinbe having Akainu punch THROUGH him with LAVA and thought "Well, he's screwed."

My question to you is what Strawhat injury sticks in your mind? Your own "How did he/she walk away from THAT?" moment. Which one has been the worst and which Strawhat do you think has suffered the most injuries through their run so far? Obviously, the monster trio have been beaten pretty bad but Robin's been hit by an elephant, Franky had to become a cyborg after being hit by a train, and Usopp's been nearly beaten to death dozens of time. Oh yeah, and Brook died!! but that's not really an injury although I guess he had to suffer one to get there.

Pictures are encouraged.

Bonus: Not a "_____ for next Strawhat!" question. Just, who would you like to see more of?

"Which of these four would you want to stick around?"

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