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For those who want Luffy to have Mera Mera and Gomu Gomu

Ever since this arc started with the Mera Mera fruit people on here have been talking about Luffy getting a 2nd devil fruit power to combat Blackbeard's 2 powers. Personally, I think it won't happen and it's stupid to hope so, but since we're without a chapter this week let's use this free time to discuss what DF powers we'd like to see combined. Not necessarily realistic possibilities just what you'd like to see. Like Blueno's Doa Doa combined with Absalom's Suke Suke for the ultimate spy or Daz Bones' Supa Supa combined with Shu's Sabi Sabi for the unstoppable swordsman.

Toss some ideas around. Let's get this out of our systems before some of you are utterly disappointed by Luffy not gaining a second DF.

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