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So like I said in my previous blogs I'm gonna leave the chapter reviews to the people that are good at it. For right now I just wanna focus on this swordsmen tournament(in most translations at least)!

So, it's pretty obvious that Zoro and Kinemon will enter to win the fruit and to get Shuusui back from the blind guy who will also enter the tournament(unless it really was faeries). Sidenote, this kinda makes me think of Robin Hood in disguise entering an archery contest that's obviously been created to draw him out.

Since the timeskip I've been looking forward to/begging for this sword tournament. I've been imagining Zoro and Brook entering one in Wano Country but this will do just fine. The main reason for my excitement is to see just who enters since Oda will no doubt throw in a great known swordsman.

Possible entries I'm excited for include Vista(Fingers-crossed), Mihawk(doubtful), Onigumo(could be Fujitora), Momonga(also could be Fujitora), Daz Bones(rematch!!!), and/or Shiliew(because Blackbeard is gathering strong devil fruit powers.) I know that the blind guy could be Fujitora too but I assume he's entering regardless so it doesn't matter.

I know that this tournament probably won't be this big, but in my mind I figure DD has throw a bone at the people who were watching Caesar's broadcast with an invitation to the tournament to win a logia fruit, right? Also, he could add that Law, Zoro, or Brook might participate on Luffy's behalf to entice other strong competitors.

Edit: Been told by @DancePowderer that this translation is incorrect and it's "gladiators" not "swordsmen" so my dreams have effectively been crushed for the time being. I'm keeping this up anyway because I'm almost certain that the blind man, Zoro, and Kinemon are going to participate anyway.

Share your thoughts with me. Soak me in your mentals for a bit.