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  • Mythical zoan fruit enthusiast

    So recently I rewatched some of One Piece from around the beginning of the series all the way to the end of the Alabasta arc and learned a few things in retrospect. One was how much I hated Usopp, two was the ridiculous power gap from Luffy & Zoro to Sanji and the equally substantial gap between Sanji and the rest of the crew. The last thing(which is the point of this blog) was that Luffy tells a lot of people that he'll never forgive them. A lot of people.

    From ones he obviously was gonna forgive like Robin and Zoro to considerably less likely candidates like Galdino and Crocodile his word didn't mean a whole lot.

    Taking this concept to more current villains I'm gonna ask you who do you think Luffy is more likely to forgive Sakazuki or Blac…

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  • Mythical zoan fruit enthusiast

    Okay, before I get started can we all just take a step back and appreciate the run that AYET is on right now?  Not just the Devil Fruit Tournament but since his return from his second honeymoon we've had This, this, this, this, and of course this to entertain ourselves with. Round of applause please. Take a bow, AYET. Well done.

    Moving on to the main subject of the blog, we have seen some extraordinary recoveries from devasting injuries time and time again in One Piece. Injuries that if occurred in the real world would almost certainly end in death. I'm sure everyone's had that moment where you saw something like Whitebeard being stabbed by a huge freaking sword or Jinbe having Akainu punch THROUGH him with LAVA and thought "Well, he's scre…

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  • Mythical zoan fruit enthusiast

    Okay so there's been a lot of speculation on what "one piece" is and everyone has their own theories. That's great, but I want to ask a more important question. What do you WANT it to be? What ending would you deem appropriate for the series that would give you closure? What would wrap it up perfectly for you so there's no further want or need for continuation? Personally, I think there will be a little bit of everything for the crew that survives. I think there will likely be at least one casualty leading to Raftel and upon reaching there the adventure will end.

    Anyway, enough of what I think or want. What do you want One Piece to be and how do you want it to end?

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  • Mythical zoan fruit enthusiast

    This isn't a chapter review or anything this is an appreciation of old guys in anime that can still kick some serious ass. I meant to create this earlier, but never got around to it. Now I've been inspired by Don Chinjao(the headbutting continent cracker) in the recent chapter to revisit this idea of mine.

    Who's your favorite old guy in an anime/manga? In looks and age btw. I know there are countless anime where guys look 15 and are a thousand years old. I'm talking gray or white hair, wrinkles, and well past their prime. The whole nine yards.

    More importantly, out of all out of them who do you think is the strongest? For the sake of argument guys who have died, but were badasses in their old age are still eligible here. So here's some guys …

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  • Mythical zoan fruit enthusiast

    Ever since this arc started with the Mera Mera fruit people on here have been talking about Luffy getting a 2nd devil fruit power to combat Blackbeard's 2 powers. Personally, I think it won't happen and it's stupid to hope so, but since we're without a chapter this week let's use this free time to discuss what DF powers we'd like to see combined. Not necessarily realistic possibilities just what you'd like to see. Like Blueno's Doa Doa combined with Absalom's Suke Suke for the ultimate spy or Daz Bones' Supa Supa combined with Shu's Sabi Sabi for the unstoppable swordsman.

    Toss some ideas around. Let's get this out of our systems before some of you are utterly disappointed by Luffy not gaining a second DF.

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