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You know, the jokes only between you and your friends are mostly the funniest ones. You just say one word and they know what you mean then laugh with you. All the memes are like that too, but instead of being exclusive to you and your friends, (potentially) the whole internet knows them. When you see a meme face or sentence, there's no need for any further explanation of the joke.

So why don't we have our own subcategory of memes around this wiki.

They are also a great way to spam the activity feed *saboface*

So here...

I think most of you are familiar with the saboface, the new troll face in this wiki (as expalind by swim, who gave the idea that conceived it)

And we also have the scumbag AWC,

And a recent blog gave me the idea of a WG meme,

I have some other ideas for WG too, < (I really like this one)

Here's some templates if you have any ideas :D

Scumbag AWC World Govt. , and saboface for your trolls :D

(Yay! A just-for-fun blog for my first one!)