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After the five week hiatus we got a glimpse of the new look SH pirates, for some it might have been enough to satisfy there 5 week break from the manga. Chapter 598 did not Disappoint and with that said the steps taken to show us the proper reunion of the strawhats was postponed and delayed by events in the manga. This is all part of the story but there is not much that we have learned about the Straw Hat pirates, well not as much as I would have hoped. Chapter 598 showed us in great detail about Luffy mastering Haki and Chapter 599 shows us Luffy using his new found ability. And during these two chapters we learn of Nami’s new weapon and Ussopp’s “Pop Green” and last but not least Brook becoming modernised and changing from Classic to Rock by the symbol of using an electric Guitar instead of a violin. Some may argue that what I am debating is irrelevant and that Oda-Sensai has detailed enough on the SH improvements. Nevertheless, my main point of writing this article is because of what I have read on chapter 600. Most people believed that this is the chapter where the SH would venture into there new journey starting there second half of there Adventure, this is some respect has happened but not a fully reunited SH pirates will begin to set sail. I was left wanting more after this chapter as personally I have not learned anything more about Zoro, Robin, Chopper (except that he got bigger as a reindeer) and the rest of the SH except Sanji, who stated that he strengthened his Leg in “Hell” and the improvements that Franky has done to himself albeit nothing was said about his fighting ability.

My main concern is that by the pace that is shown on how the process of telling us about the SH improvements within the 2 year skip we may be looking at another 10 or 12 chapters until we learn of the progress that was achieved by the SH crew as all 9 members deserve a chapter dedicated to them and all in all that is a minimum of 9 chapters that is believe will be shown to tell us of the progress achieved within this group of protagonists.