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I am just writing this blog because i want to c what you guys think will happen. I know some of you guys think that is going to b chapter 600, i think that it will b on the next chapter.

i think that Oda would cut straight to it, Luffy will be the first to arrive in Sabaody Archipelago, and will be faced with the Pacifistas while preparing to fight, he notices that it has been cut in half, it turns out to be Zoro, while another pacifista pops up it is shown with a giant hole in the stomach, Sanji's kick, while the rest of the crew come out of there shadows.

There will be a close up on each character to show us the facial and physical changes to the Straw Hat Pirates. (This of course can be discused on another blog found in this Wikia)

i would like to here more on what you think will happen???