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  • Mugywara D

    Do you think Oda-Sensai is pulling our leg when he says a crew of 10 because including Luffy the SH are 9 and if Ussop ever gets his own bounty this will result to 10 bounties issued to the SH










    Usopp (who does not have one under the name Usopp and Image of him)

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  • Mugywara D

    The new look pirates like the Caribou brothers; look weak in comparison to the pirates Luffy encountered during his first visit in Sabody. However we have yet to witness there true powers but on first sight they do not look as vicious as Kid of Law as they almost wanted to kill each other on first sight not mentioning former Marine X Drake. However what I am talking about is just the physical comparisons but the new pirates may have cooler or maybe even stronger DF abilities as it is not easy getting a bounty as high as 200 million especially with the world in turmoil as there will be a lot more pirates running wild after the incidents in Impel Down and Marinford.

    What do you guys think…

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  • Mugywara D

    After the five week hiatus we got a glimpse of the new look SH pirates, for some it might have been enough to satisfy there 5 week break from the manga. Chapter 598 did not Disappoint and with that said the steps taken to show us the proper reunion of the strawhats was postponed and delayed by events in the manga. This is all part of the story but there is not much that we have learned about the Straw Hat pirates, well not as much as I would have hoped. Chapter 598 showed us in great detail about Luffy mastering Haki and Chapter 599 shows us Luffy using his new found ability. And during these two chapters we learn of Nami’s new weapon and Ussopp’s “Pop Green” and last but not least Brook becoming modernised and changing from Classic to Ro…

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  • Mugywara D

    Something interesting

    October 2, 2010 by Mugywara D

    In Chapter 598 during the chat between Nami and the Bartender, where he told her about the change the marines have done between HQ and G1; He mentioned that the change was due because the new Fleet Admiral (whoever he may be?) wanted to be closer to the 4 Yonku ( Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaiedu, and Shanks) [please excuse my bad spelling].

    However even after the death of Whitebeard which was announcet at the end of the war. Therfore has someone else risen to take away his title, maybe Blackbeard or maybe even Kid, time will tell.

    i just thought it was an interesting topic tell me what u guys think about it?

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  • Mugywara D

    Just a random question... i was gutted when i found out that it was actually 5 weeks until it comes out not the 4 i anticipated...  :(

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