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Who is the strongest admiral out of the three,befroe you answer put in mind the admirals' devil fruits and the figths they have had in the serirs and how they have beat or overpower other charaters.This is what i think about the admirals.Or and also sorry for my bad spelling while describeing the admirals.i think they are equal but if i had to chose

Akanui:I think he is the strongest because he could easleiy deafeat izuma.Inov,jnbe, and ace easliey he could fight most of the whitebeard commanders all at once and made blackbeard and his whole crew flee in terror and also he could greatly ingure whitebeard and take his most powerful quake bubble so i think he is the strongest.

Kuzan:He being a admiral is strong he could easleiy deafeat luffey and robian who is strong in her own right is Terrified of him he could also easliey deafeat the third divsion commander jozu easleiy so he is very stong he be even stronger if he wasen't so lazy.

kiziru:Honseley i hate kiziru he act very stupid and he talks very slow but if he wasen't like this he would easliey be the strongest admiral he has the most dangerous devil fruit out of all of them he could defeat hawkins,drake,apo, and uroge in one attack each and he could figth marco without getting hurt,and he could figth on par with whitebeard so if he wasen't so lazy he be the strongest.